Fifteen years of Dossier Communications

Once upon a time, I quit a bad job. I was also moving, so I decided to take a few weeks to get sorted before searching for another Job-Job. I just assumed I’d spend my career working for someone else, in an office at a desk, Monday to Friday nine to five. But then former Read more about Fifteen years of Dossier Communications[…]

Social media for business: Worth your time or waste of time?

Recently I had a terrific, stimulating discussion with Debra Yearwood of CommStorm about how clients often want to talk about social media. Now, I love social media for connecting people and raising awareness of social causes, which I use to help organizations with fundraising and promoting events on tight budgets. But if you’re counting on Read more about Social media for business: Worth your time or waste of time?[…]

Invest in your business with editing

Want to make a good impression? Professional writing and editing services may not immediately come to mind as a business essential, but first impressions are important. We’ve all seen the funny memes on social media about unfortunate mistakes – you want people to talk about your business for the right reasons. In today’s competitive marketplace, Read more about Invest in your business with editing[…]