Invest in your business with editing

Want to make a good impression?

Professional writing and editing services may not immediately come to mind as a business essential, but first impressions are important. We’ve all seen the funny memes on social media about unfortunate mistakes – you want people to talk about your business for the right reasons. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s too easy for your customer to move on before you fix that website typo or marketing error.

Details like spelling, punctuation and grammar matter — editors help protect your image. As a BBC article reports:

“Corporations are aware that a portion of their image rests upon correct writing and spelling… ‘Nothing can make you lose credibility more quickly and seem uneducated than a spelling mistake, and that includes apostrophes.'”

With so much customer interaction happening via the digital word – websites, emails and social media – making sure you have quality content is important customer service. Writing and editing services smooth the way for the reader to get to your point without confusion or misunderstanding. Potential customers can get to your call to action and start down your sales funnel without stumbling along the way or abandoning it completely.

Autocorrect and spell check aren’t enough – they don’t catch the wrong word being used, as long as it’s spelled correctly (think of you’re or your, their or there or they’re, it’s or its). Even with simple mistakes in spelling and grammar you appear less trustworthy – if you don’t care about the small details, how can a customer trust you with the big ones?

Don’t waste all the hard work you’ve put into making your product or service as good as possible. Invest in a second set of eyes to make sure your target market sees how great you are. You’ll save time and money if you don’t miss opportunities with clients, or have to redo your work. After all, you want to see rave reviews about your company, not funny memes with bad examples.


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