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Fifteen years of Dossier Communications

Once upon a time, I quit a bad job. I was also moving, so I decided to take a few weeks to get sorted before searching for another Job-Job. I just assumed I’d spend my career working for someone else, in an office at a desk, Monday to Friday nine to five. But then former Read more about Fifteen years of Dossier Communications[…]

Blogging best practices: 6 do’s and don’ts

(As a follow-up to my Social media as a marketing tool post, I’d like to welcome Alison Larabie Chase and thank her for the following guest post.) Blogs take time and effort to write and produce, so optimize your time and your word count to make the greatest impact on your audience. With a little Read more about Blogging best practices: 6 do’s and don’ts[…]

Social media as a marketing tool

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting to the Ottawa chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) with Alison Larabie Chase. (Thanks to Marilyn Brophy with Heart and Home Staging for the invitation!) We discussed social media, both as a marketing tool in general (my part) and blogging in particular (watch for Alison’s upcoming Read more about Social media as a marketing tool[…]

Communicating in a crisis

The flurry of messaging we’ve seen since the shutdown has been fascinating from a communications point of view. I’m finding a distinction between regular crisis communications, in which the issue affects your company and you become the story, and communicating in crisis, where an issue is affecting everyone, your company included. Some companies get it Read more about Communicating in a crisis[…]