Webinars, brand plans, blogs & more: The other side of Dossier

I’m pretty excited about a few things I’m working on. In May I’m presenting a two-part webinar called Starting a Freelance Editing and Writing Career. It’s based on a seminar I’ve given for years and I’m really looking forward to meeting a new batch of word nerd entrepreneurs.

In part one we’ll cover Getting Started: the mindset you need to work for yourself; building experience and setting up your business; marketing and social media. Part two, Getting Going, looks at sales, doing the actual work and bookkeeping. Interested? Find out more at Editors Canada.

A recent project was creating a brand plan for a small business owner who wants to expand her reach and establish a digital presence through social media. I wrote a foundational plan that included some business basics and benchmarking, then outlined a series of action items to kickoff her progress towards her goals. The plan has room to grow as her business does. You know you love what you do when you have to make yourself stop working so you can hand it over to the client!

On a personal side, I also run the blog Don’t Eat Cat Food (in your old age). It’s about personal finance, a subject that fascinates me. I’m working towards linking my two sites, but until then, please feel free to check it out for some thoughts on money, life and everything in between.

Nigel, meanwhile, has been busy at the racetrack! His personal passion is horses. He was a horse racing writer in the UK before moving to Canada and now he runs the Nigel Reid Racing blog.